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Aronia & Alder

Sac d'infusion en sachet Aronia & aulne.

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Beetroot & Poppy

Linden, flower 15g


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What is lime blossom? 

The American lime tree is a common tree in Quebec, including in the city, particularly in parks and even along sidewalks. You've probably already come across him! Its small yellow flowers are very fragrant and bloom at the end of June. It is therefore possible at the beginning of summer to smell their sweet, sweet scent during a walk.

What does lime blossom taste like?

Sweet and delicate flavor, with subtle notes of honey and jasmine. Its aroma is fresh and soothing, reminiscent of the scent of wild daisies and wildflowers.

Infuse with gentle heat (85°C) to avoid the development of bitterness.

How to use lime blossom?

This flower is often used in herbal teas and infusions, but it can also add a subtle touch of sweetness to desserts and savory dishes.

It is possible to reduce them to powder with a mortar, then sprinkle them in your dishes according to your creativity.

For example, here is a recipe for baked apples with maple syrup ( click here for the recipe ). Some also incorporate it when preparing redcurrant jelly (gadelle).

Caffeine free

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Linden, flower 15g
Linden, flower 15g Sale price$55.92

Biological •

Gluten free •

Vegan •

100% Natural •

Caffeine free •

Guess what?

Our blends are:

  • 100% natural
  • No added flavors
  • Without sugar
  • Vegan
  • Keto
  • Organic/wild-harvested
  • Gluten free
  • No theine/caffeine


Raw and precious

Rare ingredients from our northern forests.