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Alder pepper, also called dune pepper, is a forest ingredient widely distributed in northern Quebec. This shrub, which can reach three meters high, produces catkins (botanical term) in place of flowers, this is the part that is harvested for use in haute cuisine. It can be eaten freshly picked or dried; it is generally found dry and whole on the market.

How does it taste?

It is nicknamed pepper, but in reality it is not part of their category. It is rather a substitute and a local option for sourcing local spices. Its taste is very different from pepper, it is astonishingly complex and difficult to describe.

It can be described as fir and resinous, peppery, with a slight bitterness which contrasts with its floral side. It is also attributed with notes of citrus, dill, lemony and sweet. Very gently, it represents the scents of the boreal forest very well.

Where to use dune pepper?

The answer is simple: everywhere, everywhere, everywhere!

  1. In recipes such as stocks, sauces and marinades
  2. In an all-purpose spice blend
  3. In drinks such as herbal tea, coffee, beer and gin
  4. In desserts! Like a chocolate tart or a maple tartlet
  5. To flavor an oil (infused oil)

* To try our Latte Forestier recipe, click here!

The virtues of crisp alder

It has been used to reduce fever, to stop bleeding and to reduce gas in the stomach. Like many resinous plants and trees, it has astringent and tonic properties, which promote a feeling of well-being and vigor. In addition, its essence has been extracted as a decoction to give to children with a weak appetite. On the other hand, it is considered an abortifacient, so it should be avoided in the first months of pregnancy to avoid complications.

Its natural environment

Dune pepper is found almost everywhere in eastern North America, especially in Canada. It likes moist, nutrient-poor soils, such as rocky sites, sandy areas, level terrain and mountains. The shrub also grows well near marshes, streams, lakes and rivers. It can be harvested throughout the winter months, but it is recommended to pick it in late fall so that it is at its peak flavor.

Ingredient: Wild alder (Alnus Viridis Crispa)

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Poivre des dunes en vrac
Dune pepper Sale price$38.00

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Raw and precious

Rare ingredients from our northern forests.