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Aronia & Alder

Sac d'infusion en sachet Aronia & aulne.

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Bath infusion


Sale price$72.00

A Nordic escape right in the heart of your bath

Immerse yourself in an experience of deep relaxation with our Nordic Coniferous Bath Salt, a refined and fresh blend that evokes the camphor and fir aromas of the boreal forest.

Why is this bath salt unique?

More than just a hot bath, it's diving into the very essence of wild nature, of the great Nordic spaces. A refined and fresh blend, combining the best wild plants from Quebec to make an infusion rich in benefits for your skin. This bath salt is like we put a piece of forest in a jar, just for you.

The key ingredients

  • Epsom salt, soothes tense muscles
  • Himalayan pink salt, rich in more than 80 minerals
  • Wild balsam fir, clear the respiratory tract
  • Wild black spruce, relaxes the nervous system
  • Wild Labrador tea, rich in antioxidants

For who ?

Simple to infuse, this treasure is suitable for everyone. But if you have sensitive skin, muscle pain or even a small cold, then this mixture will be like a caress for your soul and your body.

Its pluses

Skin regeneration: salts act as a superfood for your skin, remineralizing it and delaying the signs of aging.

Muscle relaxation: no more aches and heavy legs, this salt helps relax your muscles like never before.

Deep cleansing: thanks to its antimicrobial properties, your skin will emerge cleaner and healthier than before.

Soothing effect: wild plants and essential oils add an aromatic dimension that relaxes the mind in addition to numerous benefits for your body.


Includes a cotton pouch, placed inside the bag. Approximately 6 servings (6 baths).

  • Fill half of the cotton pouch and steep in a hot bath.
  • After the bath, open the cotton pouch and empty the remaining contents into the compost.
  • Rinse and spread the empty cotton pouch so that it dries, reuse in the next bath.

Caffeine free

Free delivery over $350

Bath infusion
Bath infusion Sale price$72.00

Biological •

Gluten free •

Vegan •

100% Natural •

Caffeine free •

Guess what?

Our blends are:

  • 100% natural
  • No added flavors
  • Without sugar
  • Vegan
  • Keto
  • Organic/wild-harvested
  • Gluten free
  • No theine/caffeine


Raw and precious

Rare ingredients from our northern forests.