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Traveling Comptonia (leaves)


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Coming from the boreal forest, the traveling comptonia, also called sweet fern, is a plant which was and still is used medicinally by several indigenous communities in North America. These tribes use this plant primarily as a poultice to treat a variety of ailments. On the other hand, comptony is still used for many of the same purposes in modern herbalism.

What does traveling comptonia taste like?

The aromatic leaves, fresh or dried, are used to make a pleasant-tasting tea. The leaves are also used as a seasoning. As for their taste, it manifests a certain astringency. It has distinct aromatic notes, which can be reminiscent of resin, thyme, honey and eucalyptus. It is possible to consume it in small doses as a herbal tea without problem. It can also be used to spice up certain recipes and snacks such as compotes.

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A cold water infusion of the leaves has been used externally to counter the effect of poison ivy. It is also used to wash bites, minor hemorrhages, etc. In the past, the first nations used comptonia to treat symptoms related to the flu and they also believed it had anti-inflammatory and stimulating properties.

Ingredient: Leaves of comptonia peregrina ( comptonia peregrina )

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Comptonie en vrac
Traveling Comptonia (leaves) Sale price$45.50

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