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Hawthorn is a popular herb throughout the world, especially in Asia. It was often used as a substitute for tea. There are dozens of varieties, some of which grow in Quebec. Considered “the plant of the heart”, it is attributed with numerous properties for preventing angina, dilating blood vessels and increasing circulation. It is also a cardiac tonic, helping to reduce high blood pressure and tissue inflammation.

What do hawthorn leaves taste like?

It has earthy, slightly sweet and smooth aromas. You can feel a little dryness at the end of tasting, which is why we sometimes use it in the description of the type of wine when we can discern the flavors. Freshly collected baby shoots can be added to salads and add a hint of nutty flavor. It is also possible to eat its fruits in jam or in traditional thanksgiving pies. It is one of the basic ingredients in our Hawthorn & Lavender infusion.

Ingredient: Wild hawthorn (Crataegus spp.)



Book: Leaboeuf, Michel, Trees and forest plants of Quebec and the maritimes, Éditions Michel Quintin, 2007, 415p

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