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Feuille d'argousier en vrac

Sea buckthorn, leaf





Aronia & Alder

Aronia & Alder

Sac d'infusion en sachet Aronia & aulne.

Aronia, alder & Labrador leaf

Beetroot & Poppy

Beetroot & Poppy

PilKi becomes floèm

Inspired by the poetic beauty of the boreal flora, it is through Floèm that we continue our journey with you. This new identity deeply reflects our mission to discover the richness of the aromatics of Quebec's boreal flora in its elegance and poetic beauty.

Floèm is a word resulting from the fusion of the words “flora” and “poem” (Flo-èm). We are proud to use words from the French language to promote our new brand image. “Phloem” written this way is also a botanical term. It is a vascular tissue essential to the nutrition of plants, allowing their energy supply - giving them energy. A little nod to our passion for flora.

Ingredients from here

Our ingredients and aromatics grow freely under a boreal sky. They dot the wild territories and inspire the naturalness of the great outdoors. Our pickers, fine connoisseurs, harvest these raw and precious raw materials by hand. We create daring blends to discover the richness of flavors coming from nature. Our aromatic marriages are made of sublime, astonishing contrasts. Our infusions are an ode to the poetic beauty of boreal flora. We are Floèm.

A burst of variety

It was while picking Labrador tea in the boreal forest that we realized the importance of introducing the flavors and benefits of Labrador tea to Quebecers, as well as to the whole world. Liking change, we wanted to solve a problem: the lack of diversity in herbal teas made from this plant.

Make varieties available that meet people's different tastes, where they are satisfied each in their own way. It's an exciting challenge to create flavors in abundance, while highlighting other little-known ingredients that will make them unique!

Protect nature

The environment is one of our core values, it is important for us to take care of nature with the greatest respect. It is very important to implement innovative practices that promote the protection of the environment and the restoration of damage caused to it.

Oh how nice it would be to be able to leave a healthy earth to future generations with vast biodiversity. We hope they can marvel at it as much as we have been able to experience it.

The humans behind Floèm

Roxane & Frédéric

A story of canoe camping, love and passion for boreal flora. Read their story here:

Who are the humans behind Floèm?